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How can I prevent myself from being so depressed about life?

How can I keep from becoming so depressed?

4 months ago i smoked weed (STUPID I KNOW) for the first time and got caught now im grounded for at least 1-2 years , i only can use computer starting last month but thats all. i had to dump my bf, stop contact with a few of my friends and give up ice skating

I have been the PERFECT child since it happened, straight as in my honors classes, etc.

but inside im dying, i stopped caring about friends and kinda like life. how do i learn to be happy again?

another thing that gets me down is when i get invited to do things but i have to say no not until junior/senior year


btw this is the only grounding ive ever had becuz basically never done anything that bad b4

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    I know you probably don't want to hear this, but you should tell your parents. Try as hard as you can to convince them to be less harsh on you because it is literally making you depressed.

    Try to take it one day at a time. Focus on the good parts of the day.

    Good Luck

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    If you want to be happy start talking to your friends & caring

    about your life.

    All you did was one stupid thing in your

    life that you should get over.

    Think about those people in the world whose parents don't care what they do & let them become junkies. Your saw what you were doing & acted upon it you should thank them for that. Others don't have computers which you have or even a roof over their head.

    You need to get over the fact you smoked weed.

    Other people have so many more problems than you.

    Get on with your life, your a lucky girl.

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    First you have to ask yourself: "why are you depressed"? if you can't find a reason then there really is no reason for you to be depressed. Think of your goals and the love of the people around you. And try to forget the past and look onto the future. I'm saying this from experience, I used to get depressed but now I'm good.

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    oh goodness.

    i think that the punishment your parents gave you is a little dramatic. if you've been grounded for a few months and are doing fine maybe sit them down and show them that you know it was a stupid mistake and you do not plan on doing it again.

    slowly regain their trust and show them that being grounded for a year to two is just rediculous

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    Make a committment to volunteer in a nursing home for a year.....

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    just remember there are some people that can never have their lyfe my baby cousins they never got a chance to live

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    MASTURBATE! great reviler of stress and makes you feel good :D

    and **** all you little ***** who thumbs me down, im being serious.

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