Moment of a Force: Scalar Formulation?

A stool at a restaurant is anchored to the floor. When a customer is in the process of sitting down, a horizontal force with magnitude F1 is exerted at the top of the stool support as shown in the figure. ( figure link below) When the customer is seated, a vertical force with magnitude F2 is exerted on the stool support. If the maximum moment magnitude that the stool support can sustain about point A is M1A = 195 lb. ft, what is the maximum height d1 that the stool can have if the magnitudes of the two forces are F1 = 70.0 lb and F2 = 150 lb? Assume that moments acting counterclockwise about point A are positive whereas moments acting clockwise about A are negative

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    The moment (torque) about the base is M=F*d (F is perpendicular to d). Only the horizontal force (F1) contributes to the torque. From the equation above ---> d(max)=M(max)/F1.

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