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How Don't miss my long distance bf that much?

We met a couple of months ago while i was in the usa. But for now i have to spend a year in my home country (russia) The problem is he's the first person that i've ever fallen in love with. I miss him like crazzzy! We will be able to meet in a year. How can i stop missing him that much cus i'm already very depressed.

We talk everyday and e-mail each other but still i want him to be next to me. I know to make time goes faster i should keep myself occupied...but when i start thinking that i have to spend A YEAR without him i feel like a part of me has been taken away ...what should i do?

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    Well a year is a hell of a long time. My gf lives 6 hours from me and going two weeks without her feels like a year. Like you said just keep yourself occupied. Have you ever heard of skype or oovoo? Its video chat things you can use on the computer. It helps a little bit.

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