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my baby snapping turtle wont eat. what should i do ?

hes about 1.5 iinches long and he wont eat any of the food i put in the water. im afraid hes gonna die becasue he looks a little weak

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    What are you feeding him? You should get some raw fish for it. And is the water too cold? If not and he still dont eat the fish. Theres not much you can do. Im sure you can find vitamins at a pet store also. Good luck with the little feller

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    1 decade ago

    If you have just gotten your turtle, avoiding food for a week or two may be natural. Earthworms work as well as anything to get a turtle eating. Just put them in the water for the turtle to find. Bait fishes and liver dusted in bone meal are also good foods.

  • 4 years ago

    you're nerve-racking approximately 2 weeks too early. Turtles might take that long to acclimate to new environment. have been you keeping the trojan horse on your palms? think of that from the turtle's attitude. He sees nutrition being held by skill of something massive, possibly (to his ideas) a predator. might you walk as much as a tiger to take some nutrition from its mouth? next time, purely positioned the trojan horse interior the water and allow the turtle discover it.

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    1 decade ago

    go to walmart and but feeder gold fish if you're walmart has fish, and if not get bait minnows. if it's to cold get a heat lamp, and a water heater, and also get a rock it can climb onto to bask. make it feel comfortable

    Source(s): i had 2 at one time
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