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How do I become unfired? What is the law about getting fired?

Ok today at work I got fired. My dad had called me several times because I had forgot to tell him I worked that night. After about the 7th call I decided to answer my phone and whisper in the phone "Dad I'm at work I cant talk." Right when I hung up the phone my manager walked by me and said "Your gone, Give me your name tag." This was the first time that I have ever been in trouble at this company. I did NOT sign any termination papers and I have never been written up before while working here. I was also on the clock. Is there a way to beat the system, a law maybe, and get my job back?

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    Nope. You were an "at will" employee. You were subject to termination at any time, for any reason or for no reason.

    BTW, there's no law saying you have to answer your phone every time it rings.

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    Sorry, you can't. You're an at-will employee, meaning you can be fired at will or quit at will. You broke the rules. Take it as a life lesson and follow the rules at your next job. If that means turning the phone off, turn the phone off. If that means don't bring the phone, don't bring the phone. You can probably make/return calls on your break.

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    You mean, "how do I get rehired?", you dumb*ss. And no, you cannot "beat the system", but perhaps if you learn some basic English grammar and spelling, you'll be able to find a job somewhere else.

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    No, that's a perfectly legal dismissal. The employer was well within his rights to let you go.

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    Find another job.

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    In the U.S., not a chance, sorry.

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