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What determines your IQ, and how can I increase mine even more?

My IQ is 135 and I'm 15, but I still don't think I'm smart enough. There are people out there with a lot higher IQ's than me and I need to try and improve my IQ while it still may be possible. My diet is perfect and I get enough sleep, I exercise, etc. just FYI.

Could brainwave entrainment improve my intelligence? There must be some parts of my brain lacking in quality, and I'll try to score an EEG unit for a good price to see what parts of my brain aren't active, then use brainwave entrainment to improve those parts, and hopefully my intelligence will increase.

Also, I'm quite interested in why exercise improves concentration and motivation; it's an interesting subject.

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    Learning the truth increases your brain, because it is operating on truth not falsies. Jesus said those who love truth will love me.

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    IQ is a function of your ability to store information, and then apply it. You will increase your IQ by 27 points if you listen to music no later than 1983, get off the computer, disable text messaging and get a frackin life

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    Try you absolute best. Learn more. Get as much information in your brain as possible. And follow what you think you should do.

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