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List of Comedy Movies?

Could you please list off some of your all-time favorite comedy movies, thank you.

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    The Pink Panther films both old and new, Monty Pythons, meaning of life, The Holy Grail, Life of Brian, Young Frankstein, History of the World, Dodge Ball, Beer Fest, Space Balls, Wedding Crashers, Naked Gun, Airplane, Strange Brew, Elf,Shaun of the Dead,Tropic Thunder, Kung fu Hustle,Johnney English, Bean, Talladega Nights, Mystery Men etc etc In no paticular order, just as they popped into my head Oh ya the Austin Power movies too

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    1 decade ago

    The Toy

    Step Brothers

    Blazing Saddles

    Coming To America

    Something About Mary

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    White Chicks

    Little Man


    Nutty Professor I & II

    Rush Hour 1, 2, & 3

    Coming To America

    Ms. Doubtfire

    I Think I Love My Wife

    Big Momma's House

    Juwanna Man

    Pootie Tang

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