GIRLS! female masturbating questions!?

ok well im a 14 year old guy and i was talking to one of my close friends that happen to be a girl, she masturbates regulary but says she dosent "come everytime but it still feels super good, is that true?? and i masturbate to "come" and if i didnt "Come" i wouldnt be satisfied, because it relaxes me, makes me stress free, but super tired. so are u satisfied if u dont "come"?? how long does it takee? and is a female orgasm amazing?? do u everytime? im just super confused! does it relax u? ugh :( sorry.. haha please answer all those questions.. how often do u masturbate?

also if u cant come.. if u do it long enough can you? and whats the point of doing it if u cant "O"?? if u can "come" why?? sorry for being confused,, i feel horrible :(

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  • An orgasm isn't the only thing about sexual activity (and I lump masturbation under that catagory) that feels good. Women can be satisfied without having one. That doesn't mean, however, that guys should stop trying to give us one when we're having sex! It is relaxing, just like it is for you. How long it takes and how often we do it is different from girl to girl.

    Don't feel bad-it's natural to be curious about peoples' bodies.

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    If I ever don't come it's because I'm too tired and not turned on enough, in which case I give in to sleep and just let it go.

    Other than that, when I'm super turned on, it's usually not a problem. That bull about a woman's orgasm taking 20 mins to achieve? Bull. Any woman who is mature enough to know her body can satisfy herself easily. It isn't a task, it's supposed to be pleasurable and when you're doing it right it is :)

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    Hahaha settle down dude.

    Women have sex drives too. And they masturbate. Not as often as men, but they do. The majority of women do not produce anything when they orgasm. Some however, do. This girl obviously doesn't. All women do orgasm though whether or not they ejaculate.

    I can't speak for women, but from what I conclude, a female orgasm is better than a male one.

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    Why feel so horrible, you are not doing anything different than the rest of the women around here who don't have a man to put out their fire. Get yourself one of those high powered dildos (Turbo is the best brand) and get one of those French Ticklers from any sex shop and in the privacy of your own room, insert it and flip the switch. I guarantee you will ***, and ***, and ***. As a matter of fact, after a week with Turbo, you may never want a man.

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    lol girl masturbation is different than when guys do it. most girls arent in it to orgasm. they dont get 'blue balls' and coming everytime just isnt necessary for a girl. its kind of disappointing yes but its not the whole point on why most girls do it unlike guys. guys want to go in, jack off and done, on with their day.

    masturbation is very healthy for u because it relieves stress, its a natural sleep sedative, helps burn calories, releases endorphines that relieve pain.

    for girls, combating pre-menstrual tension and other physical conditions associated with the menstrual cycles like cramps and backache.

    *It can help prevent cervical infections

    *relieve urinary tract infections

    *help us to gain confidence in our sexuality as women.

    for guys, Improve the immune systems functioning,

    *Build resistance to prostate gland infection

    *possibly even reduce a mans risk of developing prostate cancer.

    *it can help guys increase ejaculatory control

    *manage rapid or delayed ejaculation, basically you can teach yourself to last longer.

    Source(s): experiance. :)
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    nicely before everything i comprehend what its prefer to be perplexed over such issues so don't experience undesirable for asking. i might say its distinctive for each lady as maximum of my pals tell me it is distinctive for them than it quite is for me. yet in my journey if i masturbate yet am say 'interrupted' i detect it quite perplexing! some ladies discover that they could't come as to why i don't comprehend. I do it each time i'm interior the temper, it varies as i'm particular it does with boys. it quite is amazingly relaxing and dazzling too haha and it lasts for multiple quantities of circumstances counting on how extreme it occurs to be on that social amassing... the glow after oftentimes final a together as. i don't experience sleepy lots as comfortable and happy after. i'm hoping this helps. As i mentioned it varies from lady to lady.

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    Wow find a GF and see how it pleases her-

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