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Do you think governments should invest money in recycling projects for communities?

What are the advantages and disadvantages??

thank you!!!

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    Yes, and they already have with great success. In the 70s the fed. govt passed the Material recovery act, but didn't fund it. Ca and few other states have funded the program with great success. My landfill has a diversion rate of over 65% and San Francisco as well as a few other cities are well on their way to a zero waste system. We bury tons of resources in landfills with many ill effects. We put plant and food waste which creates methane into the landfill when we could compost it and create safe organic fertilizers for virtually free or put the waste into dig esters and capture the methane to be used to create electricity.

    Landfills are filling/closing at a rate of 1 per day in the US. Think of your community or a nearby large city. Where will they build the next landfill and at what expense? With urban sprawl we are limited on where they can be placed and many cities are having to ship there waste great distances and dramatically increase solid waste fees for homeowners and businesses. With an effective recycling program 50% diversion is reasonable and can double the life of any landfill.

    Landfills are also a temporary solution. We don't know how long the liners will last, they all have to be tested routinely to ensure no of the toxic sludge is seeping out into the surround land or ground water. When the break happens it will be extremely expensive to clean up. You are basically looking at millions of tons of toxic waste the will have to be dealt with. Not everything that was put into the landfill was toxic, but each year tons of e-waste with lead and cadmium, paints, solvents, batteries and other toxic materials go into the landfill and break down and mix with toxic plastics to create a scary sludge. So, the less we put into a landfill the better off we all are.

    It's a case of pay a little now or a lot later.

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    Governments should fix the roads and protect us----why should they invest in recycling projects that do no good for the people----only a few people make any money from recycling and i do not see what good it does---- Soooo Noooo.

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    Currently, the only thing worth recycling is Aluminum.

    Paper costs more and produces large amounts of vile waste in the process. Its been proven that is smarter to run Tree Farms instead.

    Plastic is just barely technically making a profit.

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    Just my opinion, but since you asked...

    My marginal tax rate is already 60%+ because thousands of people (all with good causes and intentions) have lobbied the government for some kind of support. Please realize that any appeal to a government for money/community investment means that, if granted, that government will forcibly take money from my family (in the form of more/different taxes) to give to your effort.

    I much prefer that community improvement projects be funded by local, voluntary contributions by people within that community. That way, the community takes more ownership of outcomes, and people personally feel they have made a difference; it builds people's sense of personal commitment to the community. If a community doesn't provide enough voluntary support...well, then, the effort is not really that important to the citizens of that particular community.

    The beauty of voluntary giving is that each of us can support causes we hold dear to our hearts. The problem with government funding is it forces me to give money (through taxes) to causes we may not support. By asking for government money, you're asking the government to force your neighbors to support your cause.

    You may think that the ends justifies the means....(i.e. "We will all be better off if we have a community recycling program..."), but I could say the same about any number of other projects that may not be important to you. Do you want YOUR taxes to go up to support something that's not important to you personally?

    One person may want to support homelessness; another may want to support abused women; yet another may want to support recycling.... let us each support our chosen causes....don't force me to support your cause if I'd rather give my money to another cause. Any time you ask for government support, you're asking someone to take money away from my own chosen causes to give to you.

    Too many groups and people do not really, really understand that every dollar of government money requested must necessarily be taken from someone else's family income.....

    Because of the high total tax burden I already carry (because of all the causes that need to be funded with my tax dollars), I cannot invest for my retirement the way I should; I have to drive a very high mileage old car; I cannot financially help my older parents as much as they need me to; I cannot save for my kids' college as much as I need to; I cannot take a vacation this year; I cannot update my 20-year old, stinky furniture; I haven't bought new shoes in about a year; My eyeglasses are years old, scratched, and the Rx is outdated...

    Can you see that the more money you ask the government for, the more money they have to take from me? Trust me; I love the idea of community projects, especially recycling (because I hate waste), but mister, my family is already giving the government too much of our income. Please don't ask me to give even more...I can't afford it.

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    Our country does.Actually one of our MPs wanted to invest money in a rubbish converter to energy power station.

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    No disadvantages and advantages are a cleaner earth.

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