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Libby asked in HealthDental · 1 decade ago

Braces on Wednesday... really nervous and scared. Help me?

Hi there, Im 14 and getting braces on Wednesday, which is LESS than a week!!!! I'm sorta nervous and I don't really know what to expect. I have had two retainers glued into my teeth so I know a little bit about the procedure but.... Im still VERY uneasy about it. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would really like to know about the pain :/, procedure, what colors are good :), and anything else important... THanks so so soooooo much!!

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    ok ive had braces for 2 yrs now and man i want them off! im going wednesday for an appointment, hopefully theyll be coming off tho :/ anyways its not tht bad, its not like it hurst except for a few hrs after the procedure. i get red because red makes ur teeth look whiter so if u want ur teeth to look whiter, get red....but no yellow! the yellow looks gross. what they do is put ths sour stuff on ur teeth and put the bracket on each tooth, then put a wire on and then thts it. bring like a bracelet or a ring to keep u busy if ur nervous like wenever i go to the dentist i bring a ring to twirl around while on my finger or a hair tie and just twist it. good luck!

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    Ah, yes. I got braces about a week after I got 4 wisdom teeth out. Now, don't worry about getting them on. To start, for like 5 hours or so, the worst thing is that your mouth will feel wierd. Then, unfortunately, comes the pain. The pain lasts 3 to 4 days. Then, it won't hurt. For the pain, I recommend tylinol. Try not to eat anything hard. For the first few days, stuff softer than a cracker. When you feel up to it, the hardest thing you'll want to eat is a cracker or something. Never anything too hard to cut with a knife. I got red for a color. =) The procedure by the way is simple; you get the brackets glued onto your teeth, then they wire you up, then put the colored bands on. So don't worry; nothing to worry about!

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    i got my braces on two days ago, try not to think about it too much, i'm sure you have experienced much more painful things than braces. If you had separators on before the braces, i think they were much more painful. I didn't feel any pain on the first day, just discomfort. But make sure you buy lots of yogurts and soups for the next two days as your teeth may be a bit sore. My ortho was kindda rough so i think putting them on was worse than having them in now but i also think it varies from person to person. I hope everything goes well! I'm sure you'll do fine.

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    It would not harm lots. honest. First you will get spacers. It only feels relatively strange. possibly a sprint sore, yet no longer that undesirable. [[Oh via the way, i'm no longer very soreness tolerant.]] Getting your braces on is only troublesome, through fact they stick some sort on textile/cotton element on your mouth, and that they shop it stretched open. they'd have vaseline to your lips through fact it gets dry. carry some chapstick with you. It would not harm top then. as quickly as you get abode, you will harm through fact your tooth are moving. Orajel grew to become right into a existence saver :] constantly pay attention on your orthodontist, through fact in case you do no longer they tighten your braces extra in many circumstances, and it does harm. Oh and as quickly as, I ate some thing I wasn't meant too, and it took off between the brackets and it harm so undesirable for some million week! yet relatively, I promise it would not harm that undesirable. I only have been given them off approximately 2 weeks in the past. it relatively is astounding, getting braces is unquestionably nicely worth it, through fact your smile is extra beneficial than ever! stable success!

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    I have to have them soon too, but almost all my friends have had braces, and they say that the spacers hurt way more than the actual braces. When you first get them on, you might feel a little pain and pressure, but not like the spacers. Besides, you get to pick cool colors!

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    It doesnt hurt for the 1st day! You might feel like it's tight. Then next few days you can expect it to hurt and feel sore and like kind of itchy hurt. But it's not bad. Hot pink is my favorite color for braces. Don't eat hard things when it hurts.

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    I was the same way b 4 I got mine.

    But it kinda hurts when they put em on. Not that bad.

    Then, like maybe a week or 2 after, its gonna hurt really bad!

    cuz ur bones are moving.

    Lots of headaches...

    I couldn't even eat bread...Only yogurt and stuff.

    But shortly after, you wont even notice you have them on


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    don't worry about it take something about three hours before you go it only takes about 20min to an hr the pain should stop in a couple of days.

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    IT WILL BE OK... they will hurt , they will irritate you , you will hate them BUT.... after awhile you won't even know they are there. AND LATER, YOU WILL HAVE A BEAUTIFUL SMILE

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