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Would i make a good D end?

last season and this season i started at cornerback and am pretty good i didnt get scored on all year and knocked down a ton of passes and made a lot of tackles. well for some reason my coach benched me the last 2 games and started this other kid over me. i asked him why and he said no reason or rhyme wtf. and now wont play me i like Cb but 3 kids are guaranteed spots next year and then theres one more spot for me and 4 other guys. we have 1 good DE and the others are okay. i want to switch to DE bad cuz i think i might be alright. you make the call heres stats

Height 5'10

Weight 148

40' 4'9 5'0

squat 250

bench 155

clean 165-170

is this okay for a de im trying to bulk up for it whats your call

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    IF you are 14, I'd think this move would work for you.

    Otherwise, stay at Cornerback.

    It's the coaches team, he doesn't owe you a reason why.

    It's not personal - he wants to win and he's testing other resources.

    Don't sweat the bulking up, you're still growing.

    Keep working out.

    Stick with your position assignment and do your absolute best.

    Your coach will put you where he wants you, if there's truly NO other candidate for DE, he may choose you.

    Otherwise, stick with what you know...and play well.

    Let your Defensive Coordinator know you want to improve and that your past record speaks for itself and that your hope is to have the starting position next season.

    And don't give up.

    Keep trying.

    Keep working.

    And never quit.

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    You sounds pretty good to me. I'm a D end myself. your weight is definitely at issue. I'm the lightest lineman on my team and im 184 pounds. Your bench and squat are pretty good to. If I were you I'd try outside linebacker.

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    stick to CB, your to small for DE you seem like a CB at heart anyways, however if you can get to lets say 180lbs and not get to slow then go for DE

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