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question on wavelength?

Sound waves with constant frequency of 250 hertz are traveling through air at STP. Calculate the wavelength of the sound waves.

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    the relevant equation here is

    c = L f where c is the speed of the wave, L is the wavelength and f is the frequency

    so L = c/f

    look up the speed of sound at STP (approx 340 m/s) and divide this value by 250Hz, your wavelength should be approximately 1.4m

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    Wavelength*frequency=speed of sound in air at STP

    wavelength=speed of sound/frequency

    wavelength= (340.29meters/second)/(250 1/s)=340.29/250 meters

    = 1.36116 meters

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    lamda = STP/f = STP/250. Should be enough.

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