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Will cold weather damage a C.B. Radio if left in a vehicle overnight?

My connex 33tlm3 is mounted in my Dodge Ram. Can it become damaged if it is left inside the vehicle in sub-zero temperatures?


I live in Michigan, I am preparing for the winter and I have never left my cb in a cold vehicle and I was just wondering if it would damage it. People who respond with another question need not apply. Maybe for some extra schooling but not to question. Thank you.

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    no, wont hurt it at all unless you get it wet (like with spilled drink or coffee) and then dont dry it out. if you do get it wet it will probably damage it anyway, let alone the moisture freezing inside it. i live in the mountains of tennessee and its been known to get down to -12 to -14 in the winter here and my cobra cb radio has been in my truck for almost 7 years now and it still works. in fact i had it on this afternoon talking to the truckers on west I-40 trying to get a detour route around road construction.

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    CB radios were made to say in a car in any weather. I live in upstate NY and the one I have in my Motor Home has been in it for 6 years and still works.

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    lol do you like live in Alaska?? sub-zero temps in October are pretty rare...

  • where do you live? there's sub-zero temps all around in october

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