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Ow... How do I distract myself from my spacers?

I got 8 spacers in my teeth to make room for braces, and they hurt like heck. I took a couple advil, but they still hurt. How can I distract myself?

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    Yeah. It hurts. Um, try tylinol, I hear it works better. It should only hurt for a few more days. Soon you won't notice. But for now, try a tylinol or two, and eat softer foods so they don't hurt as much, although anything goes for that except things like peanuts and ice. It's a cliche, but just ignore the pain. I went through it a week after I got 4 wisdom teeth out. Don't worry, it'll go away. ;)

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    think about them while u are doing somethingg u like to do?do it for long time,and ull forget about them your mind will switch to the thing u are doing.

    if u think about what u are doing u will be thinking about them.(not the case all the time)

    it will work if u do it right

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    i have spacers too!! We're in the same vote lol :)) glad im not alone.

    I suck on ice, DO NOT NOT NOT chew it just suck on it, it works wonders, hope i helped :)))

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    Just suck it up. YOu don't have to have them in there for very long. Just don't think about I guess.

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