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what is the average height for a 13 year old?

im 5'6 my parents are 5'10 and 5'6 my shoe size is 12

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    Well, im 12 almost 13, and im 5'5 and my shoe size is 9, and my doctor says im avgerage, so u must be as well.

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    im 13 to im 5"9 and my shoe size is 11and a half my doc said i have the height of a 16 year old but i think that you have the height of maybe like a 14 year old so i think its ok

    Source(s): doctor
  • 5'4 or 5'4 is the average. since ur 5'6, i think ur pretty tall and ur shoe size is 12? as 12 the kids size? well its really good that you have small feet!! im 12 and mine are size 4 or 5

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  • your the average height,compared to me your a giant :P

    im 13 and im 4'9 haha im so short :(

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