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Can a golden algae feeder tank survive in a 1 gallon tank with a betta fish without an air filter?

I just got a golden algae feeder today and was wondering if it needs an undergravel filter running or not. Thanks.

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    That is waaayyy to small for both of them.

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    It would be best to return the Chinese algae eater. These algae eaters grow much too large for such a small tank (about 12"), and are too aggressive. Not only do they require filtration, but heat and an appropriately sized tank as well.

    A betta should have about a five gallon tank, gentle filter, and an aquarium heater to maintain the temperature between 78F-82F.

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    The betta will have trouble surviving in the 1g by himself, let alone the CAE. Chinese Algae Eaters are nasty tankmates and grow huge and even nastier. They can be pretty neat, but they need a large tank with only CAE's. So if you can, return him. There really is no such thing as a "algae eater" just scavengers that feed part-time on some types of algae. So basically only add a fish because you want to keep it rather then expecting it to do any work.

    If you really want an algae eater you'll need a 5g minimum tank for dwarf otos. But you'll also need that tank to be pretty mature with lots of algae for them to eat.

    Source(s): Kept a betta in a 1.5g, said tank is now sitting in my closet and collecting dust. Betta loves his new 5g!
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    A betta needs a 5+ gallon heated and filtered aquarium and a golden algae eater needs a large tank, does not eat much algae and attacks other fish. You really should research before buying pets. No fish is suitable for a one gallon aquarium.

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    tank is to small for both of them

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