can you find a ghost hunters video for me?

well I can't go youtube because i am on a computer at my dads work where you can't go on youtube (idk why) I was thinking that would be nice to cut and past the URL of the video for me that would be great! so um ya! The video that I am talking about is the one where the owner of the house was plowing the grass and he hit something Metal do he dug it up and he found a hole that us soldiers used or something like that and if you still don't remember it at the end of the video they caught an evp that says "the boss wants it deeper" in a deep scratchy voice. and I want a norther one where tango goes to Ireland with ghi i think and somebody pushes Dustin over an amount of times. the reason I want to watch this again is because there my fave episodes and I have Not seen them in a long time (the one where Dustin gets pushed over i have not seen my friend told me) well sea ya all have a nice day (well night it is 8:43 now) by!

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