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I'm planning on buying this treadmill called Nordic Track A2105

Go to this page for more info :

Its selling for bout 750 at sears

So to the people out there who bought it or might have an idea about it please tell me if i should buy it, is it worth it?

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    Not sure about that particular brand, but any treadmill is good if you use it,,,,no matter how much you pay, if you don't use it, it won't be a good one,,,

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    Be really careful!!! Take some time and look around. LOTS of people buy these things, never use them and then try to sell them for very little. There's actually businesses which buy and sell old exercise equipment. You might be able to pick up a really expensive machine for cheap.

    Watch the newspaper or Craig's List.

    Treadmills are pretty boring, so the more expensive they are, they might be more interesting - have more settings.

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    Don't do it. Working out outside is much more efficient and more entertaining. Treadmills are not as great as people think they are. You can do walking, jogging, running and some light weight and you will be much better of.

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    bad idea, thats why there is running outside. its free and actually way more fun than a boring treadmill where ur stuck looking at the same thing the whole run : P

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