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Pomeranian started growling in unusual way, as if sick?

I have a 10 year old Pomeranian and he is as healthy as can be. But a couple of days ago, he started growling in an unusual way. So now, whenever he is playing around, instead of growling normally in his lower pitched growl, he growls at a higher pitch more softly, as if he is sick or it hurts to growl normally. Is this nothing or is there cause for concern? I read recently that tracheal collapse is common in this breed and I'm not sure if this is somehow related.

I don't know if this is related either but recently, we discovered he also has a loose molar, and it appears to hurt when moved excessively.

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    No one here can effectively and accurately diagnose your bet if you believe something could be wrong is to have your vet check him over. What I can tell you however, is that the lower the bark or growl, the more it is sincere and the higher the tone the more he is just playing. But at 10, you should have figured this out, and you know him better than any of us do, so follow your gut if you think it's "not normal".

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    Bad teeth can lead to more serious systematic diseases such as heart failure. You need to have his teeth checked and cleaned by a vet and have any loose teeth pulled.

    Tracheal collapse is common in poms. He needs to be checked by a vet. He could even have a tumor near his vocal cords that could affect the way that he barks and growls. You need to have him seen by a vet.

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    our friends had a similar problem with a maltese shitzu, I would suggest taking your little one to the vet so it can be scoped to rule out anything nasty. But with that said we also have a cat whose meow can go from raspy to semi raspy and has no cause but she has had this all her life.

    the scoping at the vet with light sedation should cost about $150.00.aud

    hope this helps, also another thing is what is your pom growling at. let me

    know there are other growls they make for different reasons.

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    Well could it be the pain & likely infection from the rotten tooth causing his pain & discomfort. Time for a vet visit & let them diagnose your dog. He needs to have that tooth removed & a dental scraping/cleaning done.

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    how about taking him to the vet for an exam and to have the lose tooth extracted?! and in the mean time, STOP MOVING THE TOOTH!

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