Do you think I did the right thing??? PLEASE HELP...?

Ok so I told my crush I liked him by text. He said ok. Like 3 days after I texted him:

me:hey ____

me:(4 min after) why r u ignoring me r u mad at me


me:well you know it isnt my fault

him:about wat

***me:that i like or liked you***(did i do the right thing or did i screw up)

and then no reply. i still want him to think that i like him. we always stare at each other a lot. but im scared he might think i dont like him anymore. do you think he still thinks i like him? on tuesday after school(i was next to his locker, waiting for my friend) i didnt see him coming, so he taps my back and WAVES hi, without looking at me.

why do you think he did that? could he like me?

what should i do? HELP!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    well at least he is not ignoring youu. youu need to text him and be like i need to know if youu like me or not so i can just keep my options open because i do not wait around for people... be straight forward with people;; it gets youu where you want to be and it also keeps things interesting.

  • Yes you did the right thing. I have a crush on the guy who lives down the street and i was stalking him over the phone. He's totally ignoring me but i don't regret a thing i did or said to him =]

  • 1 decade ago

    Dang, the boy evidently don't like to be chased down,,,perhaps, he would like to do the chasing,,some guys like to make the decision to initiate contact with a girl,,,why are you sweating him so? Let him decide on whether he wants to even be bothered talking or texting you?

  • 1 decade ago

    Who knows? The tap and wave thing was just him being friendly. He might just want to be your friend.

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