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do you like the look of black wool coats in length a little above the knee?

oh and would is look cute if i wore my shiney black belt with it?


jw what yall think :)

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    Definately! Those are in this winter and I think that would look amazing. The shiny black belt is the perfect amount of accesories, no more decoration needed :)

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    confident petite women persons can seem reliable in knee length skirts! as long as you place on some heels and offered that the skirt is on or above the knee and not under. Get a youthful a-line skirt with maybe some vertical stripes. are not getting a great patterned one.

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    Hell yes, they are classics. Stick with something simple, though, without weird decorations and things that will date it. Black wool coats are fab.

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    i think it's rly cute

    i have one from macy's from last winter and it's really cute :)

    and since winter is coming it'd be a great chic piece to have, especially if it gets really cold where you live

    i wouldn't go for the belt, personally, but that's because i'm not really into belts, except for skinny leather ones with flowy tunic, but whatever looks good.. :]

    hope i helped! :);_ylt=AsDtj...

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