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About a year ago, I got to know this girl form my school. She was extremely depressed and she didnt have many friends, so i decided to go up to her and to get to know her. So I did. We became best friends after that, and we talked every morning. I really liked her, so i asked if we could hang out. We did, but my friends came along. About 2/3 through the movie, my friend told me to put my arm around her, that she would like that. So, I did, and then the next day, that same friend told me that she didnt like me anymore, so I assumed that he used her and then i completely broke down. We havent spoken since, and to this day, it still bothers me. i really want to be her friend again. I was thinking of going to the guidance office and asking the counselor to talk to her and arrange something so me and this girl could talk things out. what should i do?

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    you should just talk to her to straighten things out there really is no need to go to the guidance counselor to just talk to somebody, plus if she really is as shy as you make her than she will find you going to that extreme just to talk to her really confrontational and intimidating

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    man. i'm sorry. in my opinion you should go up to her and talk about the situation you are in. the same thing happened to me and i talked to her about it. to this day we are great friends. but we still don't think we should go out. get to know her longer. be like a brother to her and say ur there for her for anything. hope this helps man. good luck.

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    You should go talk to her and tell her your friend told you to and that you are very sorry and you want to be her friend again.

    Source(s): Im a girl who is very shy so I should know.
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