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is Ronnie Dio a satanist?

i need proof if he is

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    As A Die hard DIO fan for life. NO! He is not A satanist! And its Ronnie James Dio. Dio also means God in Italian. I think if he was A satanist he wouldn't have changed his stage name to Dio

    (Real name is Ronald James Padavona)

    I also want to know where you hears that from.

    And blotto, how can you hate heavy metal?! Metal is just amazing! And when I say metal, I dont mean the crap thats out now. And as A performer. He has the best voice in metal, or any other genre of music.Do you know how old he is?! He is 65 years old, and STILL rockin, and his voice is still great. But I will give you credit for saying he's metal.

    \m/ (-_-) \m/

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    It's funny, 'cause I hate heavy metal, but I saw a documnetary, and I really like Ronnie James Dio, at least as a person (not so much as a performer). Anyway, he went on to say that he is or was Catholic, and the "devil horns" he got from his Italian grandmother.

    If you notice, he usually points his fingers AT the audience- this is a counter-curse to ward off the "male occhi", aka, the "evil eye". My grandmother used to do the same thing and I keep a plastic one at home, just in case...

    Source(s): Superstitious half-dago...
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    Actually, there is significant evidence that he was at the very least interested in Witchcraft and Satanic themes. I was in his house in Encino in the 80's. I was only there once. He had many books on Witchcraft in his living room, old books, probably worth some cash. He had some friends there that were wearing masks for some odd reason, and it wasn't halloween. There were other things that seemed different, but there weren't any inverted crosses or anything blatant like that. It was hard to see some of the paintings on the walls in other rooms because those rooms were dark, so can't comment on that either. But definitely some really old, large books on Witchcraft, and we actually looked through some of the books, they had hundreds of pages of occult stuff in them. Anyway, just wanted let you know. By the way, regardless of his beliefs, he seemed like a nice guy, and was always nice to me.

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    Actually, he's just very spiritual. On a Kerry Livgren 1979 solo album, Ronnie sings two Christian songs written by Livgren (of the band Kansas).

    Source(s): Own the album
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  • No...he and Ritchie Blackmore, Jimmie Page and others dabble in mysticism which uses alot of imagery many people construe as "satanic". It holds about as much weight as saying KISS is satanic...

    Dio has lyrics which typically deal with good vs bad in human nature, light vs dark , luck, fortune, etc, but he's not a Satanist

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    No I know NOW that he's not but the first time I saw him in 1980 for the Heaven and Hell Tour I was .....well we'll just say I was young and having a gooood time and he sure did look like the devil to me that night!! \m/

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    Yep. He's making the Devil Fingers in this picture, which proves he worships Satan.


    Oh, come on people, I was kidding. Of course he's not a Satanist.

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    He isn't..I don't have proof, but i know he is not.

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    he's not a satanist

    where did you hear that?

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