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Is it okay to dye my colored blonde hair back to a brown color?

I tried coloring my naturally brown hair to blonde. Didn't really do much. 6 weeks later I dyed it again trying to lighten it more (used a lighter color). Again didn't see much change so 6 weeks after that I got an extra light ash blonde. It definitely lightened my hair but also left it with a brassy look. I am to the point I just want to dye it back to my natural brown color. Can I just buy a darker hair dye and dye it after 6 weeks or will it turn my hair a funny color? I heard your hair can turn out green or some funny color when trying to go from a blonde color to a brown color. Is this true?


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    I myself am a natural blonde and started dying my hair a dark purple/red/brown/black color. After years of re-dying it blonde, I decided to go dark. The dark color looks natural and not bad at all. I get way more compliments with the darker hair than I ever did with the dyed over blonde. I'd say it would be perfectly fine to dye over your blonde hair with brown. Blonde dye has bleach in order to lighten the hair, so your hair gets brittle and really dry after a while. With darker dye however no bleching is involved so it doesnt damage your hair as much as the lighter dyes do. I hope this helped you. :]

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    First of all dye usually unless amonia I'd added such as in bleach color doesn't lighten so this is why it didn't work the first few times. If it is brassy the color you bought may have a gold base. Best way to know is to look at the box of product. But a neutral medium brown and you should have nice coverage. It would be worth going to a local salon and getting a purifying clear coat to slough off the dye that can build up on your hair. It's usually unrxpemsive and gives great results. Good luck!

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    I Dont Really Reccomend It Because Mine Went Bright Red! But Always Do A Strand Test To See What Colour It Comes Out..! I Think The Best Thing To Do Is To Call A Mobile Hairdresser (She'll Come To Your House And Do It For You Cheaper Than Hairdressers) Hope This Helps! x

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    no its not true, i have went from dark brown to bleach blonde, back to dark brown all in 2 days because i didnt like the way the blonde looked. My hair is fine, just dont keep dying it yourself because your hair will thin out major. I would say dye it back this one last time, but then if you ever want to do it again go to a professional.

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    it'll only turn green if you dye it too soon, let the color you have now settle and fade a little before re-dying and it should be fine. But you should call a beautician for a second opinion.

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    it will be fine...

    i dye my hair all the time...

    random colors like pink and blue

    it is okay

    just never bleach black hair when you have roots cuz the top of your hair is completely whita and everything else is medium brown...

    it is crazy

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    yeahh its completely fine to do it. but if you dye your hair too much it'll start to feel a little damaged (speaking from experience), so just make sure you dont keep changing it if it turns out weird. mine started feeling damaged after like 4 or 5 times so your good for now :)

    answer mine please??;_ylt=As3zp...

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    it is true if you used in exsessive amount of bleach I would call up a local hair solon and tell them your story and see if they can help you out. good Luck

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    Dam I'm glad I'm a natural redhead guy . . . .Ya just die it back to norm

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