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my son should have my last name.i,m going to take this to court if i have to?

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    good luck with that

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    You won't have much luck with that. A child doesn't have to have any particular last name, just as a woman does not have to take her husband's last name.

    Edit: I was just reading up on this, and it depends on the state you live in. In California for instance, a child can be given any last name on a birth certificate (mother, father, neither), and the mother has final say on this, but it takes the permission of BOTH parents to change it once established.

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    WRONG! I'm a single mother, and I had issues with my sons father about his last name. His father wanted my son to have his last name and brought it to court along with other legal issues. The mother chooses the last name, she doesn't have to give the fathers last name to the baby. This can later be changed on the birth certificate, if agreed upon.

    Source(s): been there, done that.
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    There is no law that says a baby must get a certian last name it can come from the mother or the father.

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    Forget names,just get the kid a social security number and use that for its name.

    If you don't have a SS#,you don't exist anymore any way as far as the government is concerned.

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    You are the father I assume? Most judges rule that the child will have the father's last name.

    Source(s): My lawyer.
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