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Physical? what do you do if your a girl that's 14-15?

do they make you get naked and check down there? that's all im really worried about im not really comfortable with them looking down there. Do they do that when your 14 or 15

also any regular stuff they check for?

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    If you're talking about a sport's physical, I just recently got one back in August so I could still do cheerleading.Just like you, I was sorta nervous they would have me strip down and whatnot.. but they don't. Really, all they do is like the normal stuff ( height/weight/ears/nose/throat/feet/blood pressure/ pulse / etc .).. And the only somewhat related thing they do is check your lymph nodes, specifically your groins.. if you don't know where all the nodes in your body are, check the sources for a picture. It won't take very long, probably 20 minutes or so. And if you are not updated on your vaccinations, they will do that.. ( I had to be updated on my chicken pox shot. Haha (: ) All in all, it was not nearly as bad as i had expected... it was actually surprisingly easy.

    Just relaxxxxx. (:

    Source(s): lymph nodes - and I'm 16, so i've beeen theereee. (;
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    not usually when your 14 or 15. they check your lungs, heart, and make sure your spine is straight and stuff and check the general stuff like that to make sure your healthy. unless u have a complaint that u tell them about that involves that area of the body they usually dont do anything. they will however ask about your period and stuff and thats normal (embarrassing yes) but they just want to make sure everything is working properly

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    Well in sports physicals, they don't make you get naked and check your privates.


    Thank God!

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    Just tell them of Your feeling and if you still feel this way you can have female nurse r your mother present during this part of the exam.

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