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answer this right now plz boy question?

k i already asked this but plz answer

k im at a new school and in my bible class on fridays we get into prayer groups n 1 person like leads it u know like says it n for the past 3 weeks on friday this 1 guy always wants me 2 do do it but idk wat im doin so i say no n stuff but why would he want me 2 lead the prayer group???



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    Maybe because you are new he wants to draw you out and help you feel included-- by leading the prayer group. Or maybe all of the people in the group who are not new to the school are already sick of leading the group so he does not want to ask them. I would say maybe he likes you but I don't think he would do that to someone he liked unless you have given him reason to believe you are really good at leading prayer groups and liked doing it. Why not ask him why he keeps calling on you and tell him not to call on you anymore if you don't want him to.

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    It's a real good way to start interacting with your new schoolmates. So maybe you mess up a few times, but I'm sure everyone will have a giggle and life will go on. If you're worried about it, you could always ask someone for some tutoring in your spare time. It's a good icebreaker, just in case you have your eye on someone ;-)

    I'll bet that boy could help you hehe

    One Love


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    maybe he found you to be very influential person and likes the way you lead the prayer in the past. Ask him why he keeps picking you.

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    Well, thats really no question to ask a stranger, it's all the persons opinion why he chose you, maybe he think's it's your turn to lead it.

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    Maybe he sees you prayer leading material. i think your overthinking things too much.

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    he probably likes u. if you notice him staring or glancing at you from the corner of your eye he likes you. also if you like him talk to him GET HIS CELL #

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    Please, God. Use better grammar. k? thx.


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