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What does this mean exactly?

A friend of mine whom is a girl took me to the restroom with her after she had finished taking a dump. She then said, "can you smell it?" She made the word "smell" sound funny, kind of a sling shot from "smell" to "it." Ex: "sm'lit?" She is a really pretty girl. I hope this means she likes me. Does she? Should I make my move?


if so, how should i make my move?

Update 2:

Oh, and were not very close friends. Were more just acquaintances.

Update 3:

I'm 28 and she is 31

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    that is the wierdest thing i have ever heard. i have no idea if she likes you or not

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    She sounds very comfortable around you, so much that she has probably friendzoned you. You should probably let her know how you feel soon.

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    Thats pretty weird, make your move.

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