Where should i go to get paid for playing video games?

Please no fake sites that make me pay for membership. I want to test games and get paid. Im going to school for game designing and i want to get paid and be known. It's a lot of money paying for a private college. lol

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    The first step to getting a video game tester job is contacting companies and being procreative. You will not find these sorts of jobs in your local job center so have a search online for video game companies and see if they have any vacancies and contact them letting them know of any achievements. For instance if you are ranked high on a popular online game like Call of duty, or World of warcraft that will help you!

    Step 2Start your own blog where you can add Google Adsense to it and start reviewing the new game releases. You do this for 2 reasons:

    1. you will make money from the Google Adsense and have a chance of getting ranked in the search engines.

    2. You will also have a blog to show these companies that you are contacting that shows you are serious about gaming.

    Step 3The hardest thing is landing your first job. Once you get that job you will normally get invited back if you do good work. You can of course take the fast track and check out the resources section below where you can find the latest job listings to get your first job even faster.

    Remember keep on going you can become a video game tester!

    Source(s): ehow.com
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    The only effective way you can get paid to play video games is to become a video game tester (as you probably already know).

    You need to find companies that hire video game testers and contact them, or find classifieds for gaming tester jobs.

    You could try out http://starturl.com/paidtoplay (yes it does require a paid membership, something around $40)

    Its not fake, i have used them before. Its not a must to sign up to but it makes it a hell of allot easier. It provides games tester job classifieds and resources to help you find game testing jobs.

  • Alex
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    Then testing games isn't the job for you, they don't pay that well and its a regular job not a part time job another thing is many people misunderstand how it works, you don't get to test out a bunch of games you get to test out one game for 9 months if you're lucky two games. They aren't looking for how fun or how creative they were they are looking for people to find bugs so you'll be spending months playing the same level in till they have worked out all the bugs. You're better off too trying to land a normal job cause companies find it cheaper/easier to just to release it to their fans(Beta version) so yeah I'd recommend doing something else.

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    hoped i help bro good luck

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