a race question.i wanna hear your point of view.?

okay so as you know Native Americans get a scholarship to ALMOST every school.

they get this because back in the beginning of when America was beginning they were treated horrible.

so by giving them scholarships to college is a way to say thank you kind of.

At the same time slavery began and African Americans were being treated as horrible as the native Americans. ( they were put in 6ft wide 1ft tall cargo ships with barely any oxigen)

so how come African Americans don't get scholar ships to schools like the native Americans?

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    where is all this great stuff we natives supposedly get as a "thank you"??

    there are NO free college scholarships and NO checks and NO reparations.

    these are all lies told by people who want to think natives get a free ride in this country.

    if we get a scholarship for native people its usually from our tribe...not the government. and not every tribe has the money to do so.

    we pay taxes too. that's another lie repeated so often people believe it.

    people need to stop believing all the crap being told to pit one group against another by making them think they aren't getting their fair share.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Spreading racist lies...nice, you feel good about that? We do not get scholarships unless earned, we do not get checks from the government for being Indian. We don't get perks. Our treaty rights are not a thankyou, they are rent, for your getting to live here, as agreed to by us and the white government...except you all take more and more land every year and break more and more treaty promises. You think Blacks got it rough? Go to a Lakota rez or a Navajo rez and you will be running back to the city begging to live in the gettos and projects. The rez's in much of america have been classed as 3rd world. And before you cast my answer aside find and show some proof of the money you say we get. I can tell you this, if you read the BIA (thats bureau of Indian Affairs) website FAQ you will see that your government is not givin us Indian checks and free scholarships...thats just a racist lie to make people hate us more.

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  • 1 decade ago

    African americans were allowed poverty grants for a long time, but now they have to pay like everyone else to go to college. If they were on welfare, they went to school for free through seta programs. What planet were you living on. Early white immigrants to Ellis Island were discriminated against, especially Irish and slavic people. Jobs stated Irish need not apply. So who was treated badly! These people never got any money or grants period. Have you ever heard of the United ***** College Fund? What about Athletic scholarships? I didnt see many Indians getting on Football Teams? My opinion is to be fair give no schlarships to anyone and admit everyone by grades. The white middle class has always had to pay for their education. They have had reverse discrimination to deal with.

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    I believe that African-Americans are just as smart and intelligent as any other group in the country. So even if they are not given scholarships to compensate for the mistreatment their ancestors got, African-Americans are progressing in every field very successfully. Like they say where there is will, there is a way. To succeed in life, we should be looking ahead to future and not making ourselves miserable over the evens of the past.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your initial statement is untrue. Native people DO NOT get scholarships to "almost every school." Due to that statement being untrue, your following statements have no basis in addition to also being untrue.

    I am an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe. I am also an educator who works with Native students from over 100 tribal nations from early childhood to college. I did not go to school for free. I did get scholarships but none for being Native. (According to your logic, I must not have been attending the "we give Natives scholarships" schools.) The students who I advise and see off to college also do not get to go to college for free (wrong schools again, right). Most have to apply for financial aid and many receive scholarships -- not because they're Native but because they're smart and the work hard and they earned them.

    Now, that all being said, some tribes (not the US Government) do give scholarships to their enrolled members. This is not for being treated horribly or saying thank you as you state, but because tribes feel it is important that their people are educated so they dedicate a part of their tribal budget to support the higher education of their people. There are a few (not most or every but a few) schools that do have scholarships for Native students. The schools' reasons for this vary from the school being a land grant institution to having a historical relationship with tribes/tribal people that continues to the present day. Are these the schools you're referring to? I can name fewer than 5 schools that do this and knowing this type of information is part of my job. PLEASE, do not perpetuate this lie that Natives go to college for free or get scholarships just for being Native. You don't even begin to know.

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  • David
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    1 decade ago

    1) Native American scholarships exists as part of settlements for violations of valid treaties.

    2) In no way was it any kind of "thank you" and to pitch it as such is not only ignorant but down right offensive. It was a payoff seen as the cheap way to settle claims.

    3) the full scholarships are, generally speaking, only available for state run schools.

    If African Americans want to improve their lot in America they'd do far better keeping their money in their own community ( buying from other African Americans as much as possible ) and ending the cycle of black on black violence and quit selling drugs to other blacks.

    In other words, if any group wants to improve it's lot in America they need to stop looking for excuses to play the victim card and start enforcing standards in their own community that, over the long term, benefits the community. It's how the whites got to where they are.

  • Because then it would be like why dont the asians get it? why dont the whites get it? why dont the jews get it? why dont he get it? why dont we get it?

    I think its very poor to try turn that for african americans to get free stuff too.

    It is their land and your on it too. So please stop blaming the white for everything. If you want something work for it the world owes NO ONE a living.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well most black people I know claim they are native American so it all works out.

    What about the Jews!

  • 1 decade ago

    I thought they did at some schools? I think race scholarships should be outlawed, they are at my university anyway.

    I dont have a race based scholarship and I'm fine with that.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because this land is theirs.

    They were treated as 2nd class citizens in their OWN continent.

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