Need girl advice please?

So ive been Friends with this girl for along time but we've only recently been getting closer like me going over to her house and stuff. So she's arabic and im white and she always says she is only attracted to arabic guys but yet last night i was at her house and we were on the couch and my feet were on her legs and she kept touching me and stuff as we talked and i asked her if she really did like me or not and i didn't really get a definite answer. So i geusse my question is are some girls just touchy like that rubbing against you and let you put your legs on them. Also while this was going on i was going to try to kiss her but wasnt sure and hesitated because i wasn't sure what was going through her mind. Anyways long question any answers appreciated


Also she is a christian arabic not muslum

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    Give her time to figure out just what she wants, and then later pose the question to her of a relationship. She may say one thing but be lead to another thing by temptation or otherwise. Just take your time a bit and give her time to think about a relationship with you and maybe other things. And perhaps her family being Arabic and all could possibly have a profound effect on her choice of men, which in turn could effect you and her being a couple, just take time to make sure there is no misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

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    Everyone has their preference as far as dating goes so try not to take it personally .And there are some women that are touchy feely and don't mean anything by it from what you are telling me as a women it seems as though she just looks at you as a good friend. Since she has stated that she is more attracted to arabic men she in a way has already told you that that is her preference.But in some cases people have fallen for their friends. It's was a smart move not to kiss her if you were unsure anytime you are unsure you never make a move because that move could have put an awkward tension on your friendship.If you do find someone that you are interested in don't wait on her . but if you want clarity or closure do sit her down and talk with her.Let me know how it turns out good luck.

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    for the most part if girls let you put your legs on them or visa versa it means that they are at least somewhat attracted to you. unless sheis just a really flirty girl in general, but even then.

    she may not hae given you definite answer because she is unsure and doesnt know bccause you guys have been friends for so long, so going a step further is a bigger step that girls over think most of the time.

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    It's really tough to tell. Some of us just like to flirt a lot, even when we don't want anything to happen. You should ask her to a movie just the two of you and put your arm around her in the theater and see what happens. If she moves closer, then you can try and kiss her, etc. It not, just stay friends.

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    to be honest, lots of girls are really touchy. i have friends like that too. and nothings wrong with that as long as they know its ok only to a certain extent and after that line is crossed, something must be done.

    talk to her, not in the weird, get in a fight talk.

    but have like a b.f.f. talk. about what yu like and who.

    start if off that way and lead it to something along the lines of being straight bi or gay.

    nothings wrong with having friends like that, just let her know that yu are straight and wont be going that way with anyone.

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    What do you need girl advice on?

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    It seems like she is interested in you. She might be saying that she likes arabic guys because she thinks that you dont like her. When i get really close with a guy like that, I'm trying to show him that i like him

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    Maybe her parents are really strict about the race she's marrying? Like KevJumba (bad example, yea?) his parents say he HAS to marry an Asian.

    You both definitely have chemistry.

    GO along and try to kiss her she might just kiss you back.

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    some girls are just touchy feely like that but i think you have to atleast be attracted to someone to be comfy doing that you know.

    just keep hanging out and flirting then some day when it feels right just kiss her or ask her how she feels about you. whatever feels better to you :) good luck!

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    I think you need to ask her once more whether shes attracted to you or not becuz if i wasnt attracted to a guy i certainly wouldnt do that. why dont you ask her for a movie dinner date and see is she's interested good luck :)

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