skirt making help please?

okay so there is this dress hat i want to make. the helena dress. but i dont have a pattern for it and i am making it in 2 pieces like a skirt and skirt sewn together but you wont see the seam because of the red belt

ANYWHO i was wondering how to make or what kind of skirt it is that just kind of flows off your hips but isnt pencil. ive tried gathered but it poofs out and makes me and the dress look funny. plz help!!

here is a pic of the dress:

thank you in advance

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    You will have to make a longer bodice down to the hips. The skirt part is gathered from the hip and not the waist. From the sides of your hip front and around to the front again to the other hip side it looks gathered but not a lot. Just enough to feel comfort and not a fully gathered skirt. Then in the front right you will cut a gore as it is shown and on left front you will cut a gore. Sew those pieces onto to the gathered back sides matching the right to the right and left to the left. Now I am just eye balling it and not certain if you're doing a hem or not but you will also have to insert a small center piece for the opening if you like. Or leave it as a peek a boo look. Sometimes I use patterns from a couple patterns to make my own original so you might try that idea too. Hope this turns out nice for you and Good Luck

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    Cut the bottom of the dress on the bias of the fabric so that the fabric is more stretchy. All fabrics have an angle where if you pull on it, it will have some stretch. If you cut a skirt on the bias, even if it's gathered, then is will be more flowy and less poofy. Many of the old hollywood stars clothes were cut on the bias for this reason.

    The only thing is that after it's sewn together, hang it up for 24 hours before you hem it. Otherwise the bottom hem will be uneven after your wear it a few times. Good luck!! : ?

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