My emotions are all over the place.?

Ive been with my boyfriend over a year now, and we have had a lot of arguments in the past over the silliest of things. The arguments always bring me down and recently i keep questioning myself whether i still love him or not. We have shared many memories together and he makes me happy, i always feel conformable around him and i do love him, but im not sure if i love him in a friend way more than a serious way. Hes really cheesy when he says things and hes always round me as if hes stuck like glue. I like my space too. I don't know how to feel anymore & Its bringing me down :(

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    Stick with it, but talk to him about it. As a guy in a four year relationship, I've been through a lot with my girlfriend. She broke it off a year ago only to realize it was a huge mistake and we are now back together. Don't end something because you think he's being cheesy and want your space. As far as that goes, it seems like he is really into you and very comfortable, so he is probably just trying to be cute and make you smile. Talk to him about the space issue. I still hate it when my girlfriend goes out to a party (we go to separate colleges in the city) without me or hangs out with guys I don't know, but I have to trust her for it to work, so your boyfriend needs to do the same. So again, just talk to him about it. Don't rush into any decisions. Good Luck!

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    we cant tell u how to feel.their ur emotions.take time to see if u cant stand being w/o him and if u cant stay with him if u can be freinds.

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