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Can We Convert co2 into Oxygen?

I mean can we take carbon dioxide and invent a machine that turns it into oxygen like plants and plankton do? Sorry for this stupid question but I just want to know if such a machine can be possible in the future and if not why?

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    The problem is that the reaction requires energy. Plants need sunlight in order to perform it. So in converting CO2 to O2, you end up producing even more CO2.

    That's why a machine hasn't been developed. The energy deficit is substantial.

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    Yes. In fact I was trained with a chemical pack through which one breathed out CO2 (and moisture from the breath) and the chemical (a perchlorate of some sort) would capture the carbon and return oxygen (although some of it was from the perchlorate).

    This was for fighting fires where air bottles were not available (or no room for them) and the normal gas masks were not suitable (because of toxic fumes in the air).

    The Apollo mission used a similar system, which they called "scrubbers".

    However, niuchemist is right, the reaction costs more energy than it returns. When you have no choice, you still do it -- like our chemical packs which used up the perchlorate faster than the removal of CO2 or the scrubbers on the Apollo mission, which required electricity and a supply of chemicals.

    The problem is that the Oxygen is "happier" being attached to Carbon than being on its own as O2 (it is all about binding energy).

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    No you are not right.Trees absorb CO2 but do not convert that into O2.Plants absorb CO2 and releases O2,it does not mean that it converts CO2 into O2.Deep study of the process of photosynthesis will let you know that oxygen so release comes from water and not from CO2.If it had come from CO2 then we could say that CO2 is converted to O2 but here it is not so.

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    yes its very possibly in the future, it simply will have to extract it through some sort of electrolysis of sorts sort of like how if you run a current through water itll separate it into hydrogen and oxygen same concept instead youll be doing it with co2

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    I suppose that could be possible, but why would we ever want to? We aren't running out of oxygen or anything...

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