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do you have a really strong sense of guilt?

could you describe how do you handle guilt, how long does it take till the feeling of guilt goes away?

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    I do not enjoy the feeling(s) of guilt at all. When i get the feeling of guilt from doing something wrong or totally wrong, that feeling of guilt of mine never goes away unless I confront myself or tell someone the truth. Besides that, my guilt will forever remain in my feelings unless i get up and do something about it. Never think of ending your life or doing/planning something drastic or life threatening. Confront yourself or tell someone who cares about you and is willing to listen and help you. Don't keep it to yourself, everywhere you turn, I am sure there is at least someone who is concerned and is willing to help you in some way.

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    guilt is a wonderful thing. it keeps you on a moral tract. It keeps you honest and decent.

    How to handle guilt? Dont do the crap that would make you feel guilt in the first place. Dont lie, dont steal, dont cheat, dont murder....ect.

    then you wont have to worry about guilt or how long it takes for guilt to go away.

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