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wearing a garter to prom?

would that be weird?


wuts ur opinion on wearing one to prom?

wut grades do they offer prom to?


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    Garters were worn to hold your stockings up, so unless you are wearing undergarments requiring a garder, it would be immature, ridiculous and silly to wear one. For what purpose, one might ask? Do you intend to toss it to the boys? Wearing a garter for the bride makes your real sense, either, but at least that is a tradition, and serves a purpose for picture taking. You'd just be considered backward at a prom to go showing your garter, or a bit of a slut perhaps.

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    haha no i think thats such a cute idea! my sister & her friends did it and im probably going to too.

    Its definitely random but its like wearing cute underwear: its not like anyone's (hopefully) going to see it, but just knowing you have it on gives you a confidence boost.

    its also fun to take a picture showing it (this sounds extra creepy unless you get what i mean)

    we have a prom junior year and senior year. the junior prom is just a fancy dance in the gym and the senior prom is at a hotel & includes a really (actually) fun after prom party.

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    yeah i just had this argument with my sister. she's going to prom today actually and got a black garter. i've never heard of this and i just think it's trashy. for your wedding, yes. prom, no.

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    Go for it.

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  • They are slutty.

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