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What is the answer to 3x+9y=0?

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    I presume the question is really "simplify", as there is no single numeric "answer" to the question; in which case; remembering the rule to perform any operation to both sides of the equation:

    3x+9y=0 divide both sides by 3, =>


    x+3y=0 Subtract 3y from both sides =>

    x = -3y Divide both sides by 3 =>

    y = -x/3

    The function describes a straight line, through the point (0,0) with a gradient of -1/3.

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    (trial and error form)

    let x=-3 and y=1

    3(-3) + 9(1)=0

    -9 + 9=0

    which makes the equation correct, so the answer is

    x= 3


    trial and error form is the easiest form of solving

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