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I believe in God, and I love this guy, but he doesn't believe?

What should I do? Will I go to Hell, if I go out with him, love him, and stuff?

Don't say that God isn't real, because I will always believe, and whatever you say I'll still believe. So if all you're going to say is that he isn't real, don't waist your time.


I love him to much to let go. I've asked him about his beliefs and he just doesn't seem interested in that kind of stuff. Should I ask him if he believes in the devil instead of God?

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    If you cannot convince him now,you can always convince him after marriage.The first child you bear with him will enlighten him.

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    poor child you really don't know what this guy believes do you ?you say he don't seem interested in that kind of stuff that is not the same as not believing is it?maybe he like to get to know someone before he shares his inter believes with some one,get to know him as a person and let god deal with him, who knows may be some day you can help am have a closer walk with god maybe that why you was put in his path but till than have fun get to know him better as a person and leave his sole to god, and no you wont go to hell for having fun or dating this guy,god is understanding he made people have some Faith that GOD IS NOT SO HARD HE WILL SEND YOU TO HELL FOR A LITTLE LIKE THAT, he LOVE you !!!! you seem like a real sweet girl don't worry so much , have some fun and remember God loves you.

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    Let your personal life be instructive in the faith. Discipleship is the legacy of Jesus Christ. The Apostles have the charge to take the messages of redemption and salvation to the "Poor In Spirit". Darkness is definition of Light.

    Focus on the personal appreciation of self. Set academic, athletic, and extra curricular goals to grow intellectually.

    The real question is where is the romantic interest in career and education. What is your five year plan? Does he have one? If so what are the prospective accomplishments and achievements?

    There is an excellent measure of the point and purpose of social development. What is the individual growth potential? Can either of you articulate how they plan to evolve to become a successful personal in life skills?

    The individual measures will honestly establish the integrity of social interaction. Friends and peers mutually encourage intellectual growth. This is only possible with a firm individual foundation.

    Honesty and integrity begin with self appraisal and appreciation. Do you feel positive about the person in the mirror? This is really all about you individually.

    Without a foundation and goals romantic prospects are only pawns and toys for passing time.

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    I would give it time to evolve and for him to open up some more. You haven't even gone out yet, so I don't see how you could know enough to know the depths of the statement. Might be he just doesn't like controversy and there is no doubt that religion is a controversial subject. Might be a million other things. You won't know until you give it time to evolve. In my understanding of God, no one goes to hell for the beliefs or actions of others.

    If you feel a need to know more before that first date, I'd ask if he is tolerant of people who DO believe in God. It'd be a serious drag to find yourself trapped with an intolerant of any stripe.

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    do you honestly think you'll get more answers if you spam your question on other questions?

    you sound ignorant. if you think god is going to punish you with hell for dating an atheist, you have never ever read your bible. do you know what else the bible says? a raped virgin must marry with the rapist and he shall pay 50 shekels of silver to her father and he may never divorce her as long as he lives, deuteronomy 22:28-29. thats a major violation of human rights.

    now dont start with excuses like "thats old testament", your god said that, dont argue with him. I'm sure the priest at your church never mentioned these immoral verses. are you working on sundays? according to the bible, we must stone everyone that works on sundays in the supermarket. but of course we simply pick and choose what we like. I was once religious, gosh, those were some stupid times.

    if he worships a devil? you are ignorant, huh? no, if someone doesnt believe in god, that doesnt means they will worship someone on the opposite site. they just dont believe that the world is governed by someone that killed egyptian children simply because their parents held hebrew slaves.

    bible was written by bronze age people that couldnt understand how nature works, so they came up with the bible. except they did know how to mix copper and tin to get the bronze. do you realize original texts say jesus was angry when healing a lepper? byzantine empire and england altered the bible and made jesus look good and innocent.

    before you thumb me down, please take a good look at this video. it will answer all your questions. if the link doesnt work, search for "potholer54" on youtube.

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    You won't go to Hell for loving him. However, I really think you should let him go. "Missionary dating", as I think of it, doesn't work. You'll end up pulled into his world, rather than convincing him otherwise.

    So- my advice is to find someone who has the same core beliefs as you do. That's the kind of relationship that will last in the long run, and will make you happiest.

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    You wont go to hell. God prefers you going out with people who believe in Him. But I guess it would be ok if you tried to have him believe in God. God wants you to spread his word! And dont ask him if he worships the Devil, then he would think you believe in the Devil and think your a freak. HOPE I HELPED!!! XD

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    My pastor use to say (by the Way I believe in God) that his daughter was doing evangelical dating. I always thought it was a bad Idea. In the bible it says that one should not marry people who do not believe in God because if you do, you might try to get him to know God but most likely in the end you will be the one who loses your faith. Try to make him a believer before you do anything. Through Christ anything is possible.

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    I'm sure "Love thy enemy" also means love those who don't believe in God. Just make sure you don't do anything that you are against (Being drunk isn't an excuse). "Go to hell for loving him" now thats a new one. You can always try to get him to believe hehe. (Don't push too hard and you have to use reason, otherwise, you'll fail) Anyways good luck.

    Also, don't get pulled into his beliefs

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    Sweetie you wont go to hell. If you really love him and he really loves you then maybe you should try to get him in the practice of religion. If he says no maybe he doesn't love you as much as he says he does. Good Luck! God Bless.

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    Here is just another one of religions horrible affects on people. You cant be serious when asking that question, honestly. He doesn't believe in god will i go to hell? Makes me have little Faith (pun intended) in humanity.

    Source(s): Hell isnt real, fire is composed of matter and energy so if there is a hell it is logical to assume it can be destroyed. Same applies to heaven except with oxygen, water e.t.c
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