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Do hairless cats lick themselves?

I'm not quite sure because all (usually) cats do, but sphinx kitties have no hair!

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    I am the happy mama to four Sphynx cats, and they do groom themselves, and each other! No hair balls here! After eating, any time really, grooming is taking place like any normal cat. If I give them a bath, they give themselves a tongue bath, too, afterward. Some Sphynx have peach fuzz on their bodies, others have a more rubbery, baby skin feel, but all groom themselves. Grooming is an instinct that will always be part of the feline repertoire, which is not something that would ever (thankfully), be bred out!

    Source(s): I am owned by four beautiful Sphynx cats!
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    Sphynx cats do groom themselves.

    However, they also need extra grooming or weekly baths because the oil build up.

    Sphynx cats aren't actually hairless. The hair is just very tiny so they appear to have no hair. Don't get this breed if you think it's hypoallergenic...because it's not.

  • dextra
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    It so ok...even with the shown fact that it rather wierd. It as much as you in case you cat had a clutter of kittens and the hairless kitten is ingesting off of her then its ok...the clarification she won't be licking her is with the help of the fact its not her kitten so purely supply it some weeks and spot what happens? yet you licking the kitten might get you ill yet im not likely confident?

  • Anonymous
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    The instinct to groom has been deeply embedded in cats for thousands of years. Just because they got rid of the gene for fur doesn't mean they got rid of the gene for personal hygiene, or that they don't get dirty sometimes and need a good licking.

    Proof ;)

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    Cats still need to clean themselves when dirty. It's just a natural instinct.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Probably because they still want to clean themselves.

  • dk
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    1 decade ago

    yes. they want to stay clean as any other cat.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yup. Fur or not, its still instinct, and it still cleans them.

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