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If all of the people on Law and order SVU were characters from the bible, who would they be and why?

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    Detective Stabler: Samson

    Detective Benson: Martha

    Captain Cragen: David

    Doctor Huang: "The Preacher" of Ecclesiastes

    Detective Tutuola: Rahab

    Detective Munch: Thomas the Doubter

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    I love SVU... nice, interesting question...

    Stabler -- Peter (strong headed, has a shoot first, talk later attitude)

    Benson -- Rebekah (knows what she is doing and knows how to get it done, if she can't)

    Cragen -- Nathan (the prophet, does not waste words, and makes known his intent regardless of his audience)

    Novak -- Deborah (knows how to deal with tough situations, and as close as it can get to being a judge!!!)

    Tutuola -- James (actually I found it very hard to nail down to one character, has a goodness that supercedes any darkness in his past, the closest I could come to based on his character's dialogues and style *EDIT in comparison to James' epistle -- open, stark and sometimes offensively so!!!)

    Munch -- similar to Tutuola, I find it hard to pin down this character to any known biblical character, although I'd say he is closer to Jacob...a little sharp, a little acid tongued...

    Source(s): all, my opinions... anyway, one of the few fun questions that I really enjoyed answering...
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    Detective Munch - Doubting Thomas

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