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msn messenger help!!!!!!!!?

i want to log in into msn messenger from two different devices but everytime i log in again it will desconect me from one of them how can i change this

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    It is completely hopeless..

    All u can do now is just wait until 2012 comes along and kill us all..

    OH YEAH!!

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    Both client progarms need to support it. The latest version available for PC's will allow this if you are using two PC's with this client, but it is possible that if you are trying from a mobile device, that the client program on that device does not support it and therefore logs the other client out. If you can update the version on your mobile device then great, but if not all that can be done is to wait for this feature to become more common in mobile devices that have msn.

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    Yea it is possible just make sure that the feature is supported by both devices and make sure you have it enabled in your messenger options.

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