I am a sophomore in high school and have been noticing that i don't have many "good" friends.?

At school i have know and talk to a ton of people. At school football games and what not i have people (guys/girls) that i no saying hi to me like crazy.. but when i step back and look at it none of those people are my "good friends", like their not the type of friends that i just call up and see if they want to hang. Any suggestions on how i can get more of those "good" friends? Also how to become better friends with the people i see at school. -Thanks a bunch for your help.

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    i know exactly what you mean. especially in high school its hard to find good friends because everyone talks about each other no matter what. my best advice is to really find someone you get along with beause of personality not because of popularity. then just focus more on that friendship. trust me, im a cheerleader and a lot of peole on my team are "good"friends but can never rely on them. thats why i have a best friend that i actually focus my friendship on.

    good luck :)

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    1 decade ago

    dude that sucks...i had the same problem but now i have like one good friend...hey some of us just arent made to have all these good friends! we aren't girls so you know, all you really need is one good friend or maybe none...it wont matter anyways once your older and everyone moves away

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    exchange #'s,myspace,facebook,twitter,aim,aol,meebo...etc.

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