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My Friend Changed A lot And i don't like it how can i get her to change back maybe?

My Friend like changed a lot and i don't like it how do i change her back to the Best friend i know back , now she don't stay up late with me anymore now she wakes up at 12 1 2 ac lock she you st to wake up at 3ac clock i miss the one i know and when i say "You changed a lot she said no i didn't" i want her to change !!!!!

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    If she will handle you like that, i might circulate on. certainly one of my sturdy acquaintances replaced plenty too, rather this three hundred and sixty 5 days. i ended speaking to her by way of way she taken care of. i think happier now in my existence, not having to rigidity approximately no remember if she will chat to me or forget approximately approximately me. If she needs a friendship nevertheless, she could bypass out of her to declare greater desirable than only "hi" to you. If she will't do this, i don't think of she's nicely worth being dissatisfied approximately. in case you decide on for, you ought to purpose speaking to her in private with reference to the way you sense. She ought to alter, or she would forget approximately approximately it. there is not any way of understanding how she'll react, or if she'll eve conform to talk to you in private, besides the indisputable fact that it rather is greater helpful than thinking what would have got here approximately in case you had tried. wish this facilitates, a minimum of slightly.

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    If she has changed for the worst then make some suggestions. But if she's just growing up then you have to let her go, she's still your bestie <3 If you miss spending time with her, spend more time.

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    people change. it's what they do. i know it's really hard to accept, but im sure that from this point on, she won't do anything else but keep changing. **** happens. you just move on.

    don't try to change her back. its not worth it.

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