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am i the only one who thinks twins should be separated at birth?

i think twins should be separated at birth because i am so jelouse of how twins allways have a companion to be with and play with and laugh with and have fun with 24/7 when i aint got crap... they should have to go threw having to find friends and go threw the trouble of being super lonely just like every body makes me so mad i am so jelouse of twins cuz i am board alot.. and i hangout with my identical twin friends a ton.. but when im not with them.. im so lonely.. and jelouse of them there allways havin fun

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    I'm a twin, and personally I would hate not having a twin, and I think that you are very jealous.

    It's not always so fun having a twin, it has it's downsides. But I'm glad we weren't seperated at birth, or singletons. Maybe you should try and make friends with people instead of being so lonely all the time. Sounds like a personal problem, not a reason to dislike twins.

    Don't hate something you have no real understanding for.

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    Having a twin doesn't necessarily mean happiness and you never being bored. Spending practically all your time with them, at school, at home and outside school together can be pretty intense and you can start to get on each others nerves and down each others throats. Yous would probably argue over sharing stuff and things too so maybe you're better off without a twin :) as people say " friends are the family we choose for ourselves"

  • Well there's no need for it... to say twins have to be separated is just as good as saying all siblings, in fact all family members must be separated. How would a parent choose which child to keep? The entire thing is sad, pointless and doesn't make sense.

    You sound depressed, maybe speak to a doctor about getting some counselling, you don't need to be thinking and feeling this way all the time.

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    It relies upon in the event that they have been born with the comparable genetics like if one twin has a great G and slightly g from her mom and pa and the different twin got here with slightly g and yet another g only from her dad they are able to come back out looking the comparable yet they valuable will act diffrent.

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    My friend was separated from her twin. A few days ago they finally met. Not meeting your twin is like not knowing your mother. She knew she had a twin but she spent fifteen years wondering what she was like, who she was, and if they would get along.

    You can't judge a person (in this case lifestyle) until you have walked in their shoes.

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    Twins shouldn't be separated at birth. I think it would be fun to have a twin too, but you can't go around separating them all because you are jealous of them!

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    Yes. Youre the only one. It's cruel to separate twins or even brothers and sisters if it's not necessary.

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    Maybe Kanye West is your long-lost twin because you sound like a major douche.

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    Your seriously wasting time being jealous of this? How about go make some friends instead of being jealous. Then you wont be lonely.

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    sometimes I wonder what drives people to ask questions like this, now I know, its because they are lonely because they do not have a twin!

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