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green day fans answer plz!?

what is the best green day album.

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    i've liked parts of all the albums from Dookie on.Bullet in a Bible was great,releasing American Idiot was a brave move.21st Century took some getting used to,but most of it is really good.there's some slow stuff i fast forward through,but most of the disc long as Green Day keeps rebelling, i'll listen.

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    I'm sure most older Green Day fans who have heard all their stuff from the beginning will say Dookie.

    I'm sure most newer Green Day fans who haven't heard their whole catalog will go with American Idiot. Or maybe their new album.

    As someone who came in later on, but went back and listened to their older stuff, too, my personal favorite is Warning.

    Warning is maybe a little less punk-ish than Dookie, but not the more grandiose rock sound of their two newest albums. It strikes more of a happy medium for someone like me who isn't really a huge fan of punk but likes the catchiness of Green Day songs.

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    Dookie is just hands down an excellent punk album although Insomaniac is superb as well, if you're looking for more mainstream rock.

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    1 decade ago

    Dookie for sure

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    I liked American Idiot the most

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    Dooooookie :D

  • 1 decade ago

    duhh... dookie :D

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