where can I chat online with a counselor for free 24/7?

I been facing problems with my family they keep wanting to throw me out the house and nobody wants me at the same time I cant afford to buy or rent a house of my own. I been have this problem for a good number of weeks.

where is the best place to go for advice in this kind of situation?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Awww hey, don't worry about it. Just get out as much as you can and ignore your family (easier said than done) but just go anywhere. I don't know how bad your situation is, but ask a friend or someone if you can chill with them for a while. Also working longer hours at a job and just getting out really helps. So I guess I didn't really answer this, I don't know of any online counselors for free...I already looked, trust me lol. But just stay stronggg.

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    There might be resources for teens where you can go to talk to someone. Check with the local WMCA. Most likely it won't be a licensed counselor but a non-profit agency social worker. Check with your local 411 directory.

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    I don't know any site that has that, but they should make one

    I think there was a site, but I forgot it :( If I find it i'll edit my answer.

    But you can always talk to people on http://omegle.com/

  • 1 decade ago

    unfortunantly i dnt think anything is free i know how you feel there are suicide hotlines perhaps they can direct you or call your local hospital and ask them(i think i will) good luck dear

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  • 1 decade ago

    i honestly dont know but you can search on google. or go to your nearest phycologist or school counseler. if ur still in school.

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