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how to install a os from an iso without burning it to a cd?

ok i know this is probably out there but i give up. I don't want to burn a cd because i can't get it to boot up from the dumb CD...


umm something else i just thought of what happens if i use my windows cd to create a partion then some how use the iso to install in the partition then us the disk utility to use the entire harddrive?

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    you need an a disc mounter to open files without burning them to discs, but you cant do that for os files since installing os files require you to format the drive and the disc mounter software will be deleted.

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    The reason why what you want to do is impossible is because installing an OS tends to format the hard drive, and even if you have a virtual drive (Drive E:, for instance) pointing to the file folder with the .ISO file, the .ISO file would be deleted when the new OS formats the hard drive containing the very .ISO file that you're using, even if the current OS sees it as a separate drive, rather than a folder!

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    If you can install an OS from another OS short of VMware or Wubi i'd give you a medal.

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