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Why are people on this section so quick to bash other's chances of playing football?

I have noticed that whenever questions are asked from a person about walking on to a college football team or playing high school football people on this section always bash them for their football dreams. I have played football in my younger days and that is not how it is done, football is not a sport in which you need to be a 250 lb athlete to play, you just need to have passion. What happened to all that?

Do most people in here even have experience playing/coaching football or are most of the people just middle aged obese drunks sitting on their computer?


Onerous task: did they bash your dream too?

Also, Gino T: have you seen a lot of them do this as well?

Update 2:

Bob, answer saurus and 123, I understand what you guys are saying but SOME of those questions I have read have been legit.

I am sure someone with a 4.9 40 yd dash time who is 17 years old and is 6"2 can probably play division 3 or division 2 football can't he? Heck he can probably play for a lower ranked d-1aa school too. I just hate the fact that everyone makes a big deal out of high school experience.

I can understand ridiculing a person when the question is clearly idiotic but when the question is legit, why does the ridicule still occur?

If we go by the whole internet lies formula then you guys might as well bash Lil Tsunami for not being a woman (though I do not even know her at all).

Update 3:

LIL Tsunami: Oh okay, I was just making an example.

Mr Clif: I really enjoyed reading your answer and I believe that it was motivational.

Onerous Task: I know what you now mean when you said that people on here are quick to bash you. I say just block them and keep moving with your life.

People of the football section: IF you truly want everyone to love the sport of football then don't be so discouraging to the dreams of others.

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    I have never bashed anyone for wanting to pursue a dream. Now playing D-1A football without high school experience is an arduous task but how can I tell a kid that he won't make the team if I have not seen the kid play?

    I have stuck up for many of the "bashed" users and as a result I have received flak and even accusations have been made saying that I am user 1 or user 2.

    Bottom line. It happens on EVERY section. Go to the higher education section, people will break the dreams of other users and tell them that they can't make it to an Ivy League school or that they won't make it to a top college. It happens everywhere, some people just do not make it anywhere in their lives so they have a zeal for discouraging others.

    I will always tell a kid wanting to attend an Ivy League college to APPLY, you NEVER know what will happen. If you want to play D-1A football, then TRY OUT, even if you have not played a snap of football your whole life just try out and don't live with that remorse. Just do what is asked. The worse a coach will say is no or "go home".

    I believe football as a sport represents the American dream. Anyone can play that sport if they have the heart just like anyone in American can rise to the ranks if they have the passion and love for their dream. If a player has a love for playing football, then he can make the pros. Just go out there and play, you never know until you step on the field how good or how bad you can be. Nothing is worse than the remorse you get when you turn 40 and think "oh I could have done that". I have run into many of those bashers in real life and I can tell you that most have been 40 year old single men who have not had anyone to go to.

    Source(s): Ivy League student. Cornell university football team member. Had people tell me all my life that I am too immature to handle the ivies and that my whole life I will end up like my cousin, shot dead.
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    Don't bother to reason with any of these people on here. Even most of the top contributors are uninformed about football as a sport. The reason a lot of them earn TC Badges is because most of them have no lives and all they do is just watch football on their couch and then discuss it with their friends on here.

    To all people who want to know about your football dream, just focus on getting good grades and test scores so you can get into a good college and you can play football for them. Football is not a sport that requires "experience", I laugh when people say that playing Quarterback is hard,

    what is so hard about throwing a football to some receiver?

    Maybe when I get my chance I will find out. I hope football is not as racist as most of the people on this section.

    Edit: They sure did. The sad part is that I actually expected some advice but they told me some lies that colleges want football players with "experience" and that "experience" matters more than passion and love for the game. Man I really wanted advice from these cretins and now I feel dumb for it. The funny thing is that most of these idiots who claim to represent UGA, USC (southern Cal), or University of Florida won't even be able to attend those colleges because their SATs are not high enough. I should have seen it coming but I was being an idiot and thought I would get some help, only Golden Warrior has helped me but others have been complete idiots about this situation.

    Whats worse is that there is this one guy who keeps sending me hatemail on a weekly basis.

    Source(s): Watch them accuse me of trolling.
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    Because most of the people bashing on all those kids probably have no idea how to even play football. Or maybe even sports in general. They feel all high and mighty behind their computer screens so they like putting people down.

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    Well that's America for you. Haters.They just want to bash other people's dreams because all of they have given up on theirs.

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    Because 99% of the people on here asking these questions are:

    A) Liars who run 4.1 40s and bench 800 pounds


    B) Guys who clearly aren't elite football players

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    Ronnie Brown

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    Funny you asked that question. I was wondering why so many negative comments were being made to young kids. In this world I think we need to encourage kids to try to live their dreams. They can wait to fall into a depressed state once they are adults. Good grief let them enjoy being young.

    Doesn't anyone out there remember what it was like? Try to encourage them and stop with all your negative remarks and cut downs.

    Source(s): common sense
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    This is the average question:

    Can I play NFL football? I am 12 and run a 3.9 40 yard dash and bench 290 lbs. I am 6'2.

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    When someone who claims to be 5'3" tall, weighs 120#, and runs the 40-yard dash in 6.5 seconds, asks if they can play DIV I football, they deserve to be ridiculed.

    By the way, I played high school, semi-pro (when I was 17, and played against former Rose Bowl and NFL players), and in college. We wore leather helmets, and played both ways. And I weighed 190#.


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