Question about buying a car on craigslist! Not your typical scam so Read and help!?

Okay heres the deal. Found a 2003 honda civic coupe for 4 grand on craigslist. For those who DONT know thats way below book value. Even better is the fact that it's OBO. I spoke to the guy myself. He said he has bills to pay asap and thats why he absolutely must get rid of the car. The add was from October 9th. Upon doing some research we found another add for the same exact car posted September 29th. They used the same exact pictures and it is definately the same exact car. This add was posted by a different person though. Here's where things get tricky. This older add had a different description. It was priced for 3500 (500 cheaper) and said the car had 120K miles on it and the ac wasn't working properly. The newer add was posted by a different guy stating the car now had 100K miles (20K less?? he also stated that on the phone when I spoke to him) AND that the AC was ICE COLD. Did he fix it that quick? He keeps reposting the add as if the car had a curse. The newest add (from today) now states the car comes with a 1000 watt amp!? Keep in mind the car in the add is the same exact car with the same exact pictures and date on the pictures. When we called the older add the guy said he sold the car. But I'm still wondering what could be the master plan here. My question is.... What could I be getting myself into? What kind of scam could this be? And why hasn't anyone baught the car yet?!! It's a 6-7 thousand dollar car with leather interior rims etc. I'm a huge skeptic about when things sound too good to be true... any opinions?


Guess some people dont understand craigslist... You Actually MEET UP WITH the people selling you the car and see it for yourself and test drive it. That's where I can't really end up with nothing and them with my money... Think people

Update 2:

Hey guys. I Can't really choose a best answer because they were ALL WRONG. There was no guns, there was no scam. The guy had the car from the picture. Although it had some small dents and bumps that you couldnt see in the picture. Everything went well. Did not purchase car due to milage (128 he did lie about it in the add) But either way. YOU WERE ALL WRONG. Thank you.

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  • ken k
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    1 decade ago
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    define typical scam////this is the scam/you will end up with no car and no money/you are not dealing with amateurs /they are pros and they do this for living/soooooooooo if you keep on with them and try to play them its oops and there goes your money/down payment/deposit etc doesnt matter they gotcha

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    SCAM - there is NO car. It's a scam to try to get you to send $2700 to some "shipper" and you'll never hear from them again NEVER agree to any car that you cannot see in person, test drive, check it has a clean title, AND verify the seller's drivers license is the same name as on the title Not only are there scams like the one you listed where there is no car. But car thieves use sites like Craigslist to quickly resell stolen vehicles. They steal a car in one city then immediately post it for sale in another city at a very cheap price so it sells in a day. You hand over the cash, get the car, then when you go to register it, it shows up as stolen. The car is returned to its legal owner and you can't get your money back as the seller gave you a fake name and has already ditched the pay as you go phone they were using. Because people don't even think of verifying the seller's ID matches the title, this scam is very common Google checkout doesn't apply to private sales. Google Checkout is only used for retailers who have set up shops on Google so it's more proof this is a SCAM And you NEVER give your home address to ANYBODY you don't know - and certainly don't post it on a public message board like Y!A

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    Sounds like a scam. They are luring you in with a low price, but not too low to be obvious.

    Yes, they could fix an AC system in a couple days. But they are either lying about the miles or have rolled it back. The amp is no big deal, forget about it.

    Why hasn't anyone bought the car? Because they have realized its a scam, same as you.

    Stay away.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The answer from "ken k" is correct; apparently you have not heard of the many people who have gone to look at a vehicle and the "seller" (not the actual seller but someone pretending to be) will rob the buyer at gunpoint and sometimes harm them; your deal may be the exception, and is something to stay away from, as are ALL car sales on craglist !!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its a scam. The older post was the original guy and if he told you he sold it then he sold it. This guy is just using his car n trying to sale you NOTHING.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have bought several things on craigslist. There are scumbags everywhere...Some a**holes have tried to pull a fast one with me right there!

    If you are having doubts, then you already have answered your own question...Stay away!

    Remember, too good to be true is usually just that.

  • 1 decade ago

    dont buy it,there is something wrong.I buy and sell on craigs list every day,some times it's hard to pick out the scams but that one is point blank.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    100% scam.

    Who CARES about the rest ?

    Unless you are an aspiring scamster.

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