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Dual Monitors question?

Alright here it is, I currently have my setup through nvidia control panel to my HDTV and when it is not hooked up to the tv I have it connected through my other monitor ok, all basic all working just fine.

Is there a way when I am watching my movie and have it on full screen on the tv to work on the other monitor without the movie being watched on the tv to come back out of full screen. cause any activity brings the movie out of full screen.

I really hope there is a way cause it is annoying.

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    If you use media player classic which comes with the free K Lite Mega Codec pack, when you enter into full screen on one monitor and have mouse and keyboard activity on the other it doesn't automatically drop out of full screen so I suggest you download and install it.

    Source(s): I have 2 monitors one is a HD TV and the other is a standard monitor I do the same thing
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